Seamless stainless steel tubes and welded pipes

Seamless stainless steel tubes and welded pipes

As a reliable partner for the mechanical- and plantengineering, the estaro GmbH decrees a large storage of heat-resistant stainless steels e.g. for the petrochemical industry, for power plants, the industrial furnace segment, the cement industry, for heat-exchanger facilities, waste incineration as well as other applications where heavy duty is requested on the material.

The estaro GmbH has a large storage on seamless stainless steel tubes according to EN 10216-5/EN-ISO 1127 with the properties heat-treated, pickled respectively bright-annealed. The superior product-range, which displays a wide variety of material grades, plus a high depth of dimensions, assures the ability to supply according to our customer’s needs.

Welded heat resistant stainless steel pipes. The variety includes longitudinal welded products according to EN 10217-7/EN-ISO 1127. Thus manufactured according to the current standards and material testing methods, can be delivered as heat-treated, pickled, bright-annealed or not annealed.

Complete catalogue 2018 (DE/EN) (32 pages)

Product catalogue 2018 (DE/EN) – Seamless stainless steel tubes and welded pipes
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